MINI Cooper X9331 Amplifier & Speaker Wiring T-Harness

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Use this harness to install any combination of subwoofer, amplifier, and/or new front speakers.  Provides a tap to the headunit output front speaker channels  via RCAs.  Provides a tap to the front speaker input on vehicles equipped with the standard 6-speaker audio system.  This is a simple T-harness, a slightly updated version of the T-harness that ships with out legacy subwoofer-only systems.  This is NOT the MCWH-SIG-R integrated signal harness that ships with our Soundstage™ systems.

  • Works in all R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 vehicles (Not sure which model you have?  Check here.)
  • Does NOT work with R50/R53, R52, R60/R61, F55, or F56.
  • Works with any factory audio option (10-speaker HIFI/HK and 6-speaker Standard) for signal tap to add a subwoofer or other amplifier.
  • Front speaker tap works ONLY in standard 6 speaker equipped vehicles (i.e. you can power the front speakers thru this harness via the factory wiring ONLY in 6-speaker Standard audio vehicles). 10-speaker HIFI/HK vehicles must manually tap into the front speaker wiring at the HIFI/HK amp or run new wire to the doors.
  • Contains passive circuitry to enable proper operation with the output transistors in the MINI headunit.  

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unsupported product!  We make this harness available only as a favor to the DIY audio community.  We can not assist you with troubleshooting installations of other equipment.  This harness is a simple pass-thru, outside of testing/exchanging/refunding a defective harness, we can provide no support.

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  • Will this work in an R60 Countryman?

    No, sorry. The R60 Countryman uses a different connector.

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