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We make the finest car audio systems on the planet. We start with Research. Loads of it. We finish with the most excellent customer service and support you’ll ever experience. And in the middle is the some of the best engineering, design, and manufacturing in the industry. If we have a product for your vehicle, you can bet it’s the best thing on the market.


Unrivaled Audio Quality


No one understands in-vehicle acoustics better than us. Each vehicle presents a unique acoustic environment: to achieve the level of perfection of our Soundstage™ systems, we account for every aspect. We combine our cutting-edge R&D with the highest quality components. The result is a quality of sound that is unmatched in the industry.




Our Soundstage™ systems are acoustically and physically tailored exactly to your vehicle. Using our own proprietary SoundMAAP™ software and process, we precisely map the vehicle's acoustics to design the audio components. We 3D scan the vehicle and use Solidworks CAD to design perfect fit precision parts. We reverse-engineer the vehicle's wiring and connectors and build our plug-n-play SMARTConnect™ wiring harnesses that make installation easy and error-free.



Perfect plug-n-play wiring. Every part, bracket, and screw lines up perfectly. No cutting, no drilling. Step-by-step installation instructions. Completely reversible & suitable for leased vehicles.

Space and Appearance

Unless you saw it installed, you'd never know it was there. Every component is hidden within the vehicle, or it looks just like it came from the factory. 100% complete stealth installation.


We invest hundreds of hours of R&D in each product. Then we manufacture at scale: perfect, precise, production-quality parts tailored to your vehicle at a fraction of the cost. No local shop can compete with that.

what people are saying

Here's What Some of Our Clients Think About Us

Quite simply - a work of art. Just got back from a 1,000 mile road trip and my passenger was blown away! The Soundstage is so far superior to the H/K and Hi Fi that there is really no comparison! Deep bass, clear mid-range, crisp hi's and no distortion at high volume. If you want great sound taylor-made for the MINI, there is no better option out there!!!

Walter Olsen

Riverhead, NY

The Soundstage and Sub are a terrific audio upgrade for your MINI. Its nice to know that these are not just some off the shelf products that a guy in a car audio store pushed on you. This product was custom designed for our cars by someone who is detail oriented and it shows from the sound quality of the system to the quality of the components used. I am very happy with this upgrade. It was well worth the wait...Read More

Steven Fishman

Nanuet, NY

The Ordering/Customer Service

Easily one of the best things about the system is dealing with Kevin at Integral. He's quick to respond and seems to have endless patience with questions. He was very helpful with my pre-purchase, install and tuning questions. Big thumbs up....Read More

Matt Rohrbach

Phoenix, AZ

I am thrilled with the Soundstage + Subwoofer in my coupe - it exceeds my expectations for audio quality, deep bass, preservation of boot space. This system is the perfect audio upgrade solution with plenty of power and worth every penny. My long commute is the now the favorite part of my day!...Read More

Lise Karas

Newtown, CT

If anyone is debating the IA Soundstage vs. any other system or any other speaker or having a local shop talk you into doing something else, you will be disappointed if you go that route and then happen to one day get to listen to the soundstage neck and neck with the local shop install you decided to have done. Trying to describe the sound just doesn’t give it the justice it really deserves...Read More

Constantinos S.

Elizabeth, NJ

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