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Active Sound Design Defeat Harness for BMW and MINI


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Use this harness to disable Active Sound Design (the synthetic engine noise played via the audio system). Plug-n-play, no coding, cutting, or other changes required. Easy installation, 100% reversible.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unsupported product! We make this harness available only as a favor to the DIY audio community.  We can not assist you with troubleshooting installations of other equipment.  This harness is a simple pass-thru, outside of testing/exchanging/refunding a defective harness, we can provide no support.

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    BMW & MINI

    Covers all models with Active Sound Design, all years.

These are some of the most common questions about our ASD defeat harness for BMW & MINI. Still don't see what you're looking for? Ask Us and we'll get you an answer lickity-split.

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